Loves animals, flowers, people, and always ready to help out those in need. A real caretaker and entertainer. Hmm where did she go? probably distracted by a butterfly again...

Don't get misjudged about her, she'll jump on any adventure you'll give her, loves riding on horses, motorcycles and adventuring through unbearable terrain. Always up for a challenge.

Tough and beauty

All that armor is meant for one thing only: stand like a rock and hit like one. He'll be your tank and strategist in raids and makes sure the whole party gets through all the mess safely.

Behind all that armor resides a tough man, you can always count on! Besides that he's restoring his old motorcyle from '72 and really loves a good hike, survival, rough mountains and wild nature!

Rough and Adventurous
Our Gear
Blue Yeti Black
primary microphone x1
Sony MDR-1R
headphones x2
OBS Studio
recording software
Premiere Pro
editing software
Renkforce CU-4
secondary microphone x2
WindTech PopGard 2000
secondary popfilter x2
Custom Desktop (main)
CPUIntel® i7 (8th gen) 8700K 3.7~4.5GHz
RAM32GB (8GB RamDisk)
OSWindows 10
GPUNVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti
Custom Desktop (secondary)
CPUIntel® i7 (8th gen) 8700K 3.7~4.5GHz
OSWindows 10