Suggesting and Shoutouts
  • Can you guys give me a shoutout?
    We'll only give shoutouts to those who suggest interesting maps, making a map we can and do play, winning a contest or anything else that also helps us a little.
  • How can we suggest a map for you to play?
    Easiest and fastest ways to inform us of a map to play is by sending us a message or comment on our YouTube videos. Click here for our channel and click one of our videos to start!
  • Can we play together?
    Certainly! When we are playing on Hypixel you are welcome to join in, we might even be recording!
Equipment and Software
  • What do you use to record your screen and audio?
    What software do you use for editing?
    Please check out the about page for our recent used software.
  • What microphone do you use?
    What are your computer specs?
    What headphones do you use?
    Please check out the about page for our recent equipment.
About Us
  • Who is RiverRosa or Rosa?
    RiverRosa (or Rosa for short) is the female protagonist (or antagonist :D) of the Fortune Ventures! Check out more on her on the about page.
  • When will you guys do a face reveal?
    To be honest, we are still a little shy to show our faces :3 But we have made a deal we will show ourselves when we've reached a certain subscriber count!
  • Where are you from?
    We are from a little country called the Netherlands, at this moment we still live there (this might change though!)