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Minecraft: BURNING HOUSE SURVIVAL! - Burning House Map
It's burning! Lava will be poured over this beautiful Minecraft house and we need to survive as long as possible while t
Minecraft: Can you spot the Easter Egg? - Easter Egg Hunt!
Happy Easter!! Let's find some minecraft Easter eggs! :D This map is like a find the button map but instead of finding t
Minecraft: Blue team's King is going down! - Castle Assault
As the Blue team is our enemy.. we need to save our castle and as the red team we need to defeat the blue team's king! B
Minecraft: Surviving more Zombies! - Dead Crypt [2/5]
Villagers turn into Zombies and we are still trapped inside this building. Zombies find us everywhere and we need to con
Minecraft: Hiding in the Dark - The Lost
Finding the lost Button in this Dark and Creepy find the Button map! Welcome to this creepy Find The Button map where we
Minecraft: Found our Zombie Fans! - Dead Crypt [1/5]
The dead crypt a challenging map where villagers turn into Zombies! Waking up in a strange place, not knowing where we a
Minecraft: Which way is the 'right' way? - The Right Way
This awesome map is about choosing the Right Way. We'll guess our way through this map to get to the next room. See and
Minecraft: Escaping an Abandoned Prison - Escape!
We awake in an abandoned prison. Locked in a cell, we need to find our way out of this jail, but on our way out, we noti
Minecraft: Cupid's bow repair team at your service! - Save Valentine's Day
We need to save valentine's day and re-create cupids bow before 12 O'clock!! Otherwise the Evil spirits will take over t
Minecraft: Our first race in Turbo Kart Racers! - Hypixel
We found this game called Turbo Kart Racers on Hypixel where we can play racing games!! See how our first race turned ou
Minecraft: Let's do some digging! - Don't dig straight down!
We've got RiverRosa the Minecraft noob and Hugandos 'knew'-a-lot, who battle in this map by digging straight down to the
Minecraft: Buttonception! - Find the Button: Dimensions
We will search for buttons in different dimensions! Let's travel through all of these different DIMENSIONS .. on this ta
Minecraft: KILLER button!! - Go Seek It
Clickbaited by evil buttons! .. killer button will get to you! Who will click it first? See for yourselves in this new e
Minecraft: the What-ford? - Warthford
Travelling all the way to Warthford to save Hugandos' unknown wife within 24 ingame hours. After several unsuccessful tr
Minecraft: Blow it all up! TNT Challenge - Find the TNT
Instead of finding the button, find the TNT and ignite it! But.. this is a very dangerous game.. Will the fortune ventur
Minecraft: Going to the red planet as planned? - Mars mission [1/-]
Fortune Ventures are going to Mars! Let's see if they even make it to the red planet and if they do, can they find all t
Minecraft: What are Ms. Lolly's plans?! - New Years Map 2017 - Firework Engineer
Join our adventure to find the Firework Thief and see what happened to ms Lolly and what she has planned for new years c
Minecraft: Why we made it, a big thanks and a happy new year! - Fireworks Engineer
Thank you note to all Firework Engineer players. Hear the background story to the map in this video. And get to know the
Minecraft: Santa is a Firestarter?! - Grinchmas [2/2]
See what awaits us on mount Crumpit, Will he be there and how will the Grinch react!? Will the people of Rueville let us
Minecraft: Did we ruin Christmas? - Christmas Accident
Will the Fortune Ventures team ruin Christmas? Will they be able to undo the damage they did? See in this video how they