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Minecraft: The Secret Room! - The Twist Labs [1/7]
If you're new hit that subscribe button! Room times are in the description! :D Welcome to the Twist Labs! A puzzle and a
Minecraft: Let's get SCARED! - Ink II [1/2]
If you like this episode SHARE! :P Leave us a creepy comment ;) Compliments to the map makers for chapter 2 of this sca
Minecraft: RiverRosa's Special Ability! - PLATES (Finding Plates!)
If you enjoy please share! :D Welcome to PLATES! There are 8 different levels in which we need to find pressure plates!
Minecraft: New Years Party at Sirtown! - Firework Engineer 2018
This year we'll travel to Sirtown! As a Firework Engineer we'll set up a Firework Machine in a different town! :D To get
Minecraft: Santa's Secret Gift! - Find the Button: Christmas Dreams
Find the button: Christmas Dreams! The last Christmas map for this year! We'll go through different levels to find butto
Minecraft: Santa's Locked Up!! - Save Santa
Hit that pretty Christmas colored Subscribe button for more Awesome Content! Santa is missing and we need to retrieve hi
Celebrating Rosa's Birthday! - Birthday Present Hunt - Custom Minecraft Map
Celebrating RiverRosa's birthday with a present hunt map! There are 3 levels (Haunted mansion, Mountain Climbing, and! T
Minecraft: It is right in front of you! - Escape the Wool Complex [2/2]
Please share if you enjoy! :D and let us know what you think of this episode in the comments!! :D Part 2 of: 'escape the
Minecraft: We found a Smiley-face underwater! - Escape the Wool Complex [1/2]
Welcome to the Wool Complex!! Share if you enjoy! :D In this cool map we'll make our way through all kinds of rooms and
Minecraft: The Return of the Captain! - Captain Seagull's World [1/?]
Please share! Welcome to Captain Seagull's world! A world without captain Seagull doesn't exist, which is why he came to
Minecraft: Rosa is a Killer? - Hidden Buttons: The Story
Find the button, the story! This map is not only about hidden buttons but also about hidden levers, parkour and a Story!
Minecraft: PRO STOLE OUR DEAD BUSH! - Quest for Dead Bush
This is a Quest for Dead Bush where we need to get through difficult *cough* challenges to get our beloved one and only
Minecraft: Chased by flying swords and shovels - Find The Button Biome Adventure
We are going to play: Find the Button Biome Adventure! Made by WhiteWulf_ and for his first map it's really good! :D We'
Minecraft: LEVERS not BUTTONS! - Find The Lever 2
Instead of finding the button this time we are going to search for levers in this Minecraft custom map 'find the lever 2
Minecraft: Hell is expanding - Hell's Buttons [1/?]
We find ourselves on a single block! Where we need to find the button. It turns out that even pressing one button on one
Minecraft: Can you spot the Easter Egg? - Easter Egg Hunt!
Happy Easter!! Let's find some minecraft Easter eggs! :D This map is like a find the button map but instead of finding t
Minecraft: Hiding in the Dark - The Lost
Finding the lost Button in this Dark and Creepy find the Button map! Welcome to this creepy Find The Button map where we
Minecraft: Cupid's bow repair team at your service! - Save Valentine's Day
We need to save valentine's day and re-create cupids bow before 12 O'clock!! Otherwise the Evil spirits will take over t
Minecraft: Buttonception! - Find the Button: Dimensions
We will search for buttons in different dimensions! Let's travel through all of these different DIMENSIONS .. on this ta
Minecraft: KILLER button!! - Go Seek It
Clickbaited by evil buttons! .. killer button will get to you! Who will click it first? See for yourselves in this new e