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Minecraft: Escape of the Ice Lab! - The Ice Lab [6/6]
This laboratory has a very different final ending than the Prismarine Lab, but before we get there we'll first have a jo
Minecraft: A beautiful experience! - The Ice Lab [5/6]
In this sequence to the Prismarine Lab we will find some special rooms you have never seen before! We start in the worki
Minecraft: Dangerous experiments happened... - The Ice Lab [4/6]
At least the Prismarine Lab was without holes.. they really tried the wrong experiments in this Ice Laboratory! We need
Minecraft: Secret entrance in the Laboratory! - The Ice Lab [3/6]
We need to find out where we need to park the minecart. In the laboratory we find a hidden entrance! And we end with the
Minecraft: Swimming through toilets? - The Ice Lab [2/6]
Just like in the Prismarine Lab we need to work together but can we figure out which levers to switch, which buttons to
Minecraft: A frosty lab! - The Ice Lab [1/6]
Welcome to the Ice Lab the laboratory of professor Icy, where he does his experiments. This lab is different from the pr