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Minecraft: Rosa got shot into the air! - SkyFactory 3 ep4
The end of this episode is so hilarious! xD Today we'll be building an automatic Cobblestone Generator, a smeltery to mi
Minecraft: Let's Spike It Up! - SkyFactory 3 ep3
Since the last episode we have made some changes! We improved the mob spawn with a suggestion from Fizzbolt in the comme
Minecraft: MOBS FALLING from the SKY! - SkyFactory 3 ep 2
Episode 2 of SkyFactory 3! It is finally here! After a lot of tries and recordings we present to you!: Our 'hot tub', co
Minecraft: It all started with one tree! - SkyFactory 3 ep 1
First episode of SkyFactory 3! We started with one tree and one dirt block, the Tree will help us to build a platform so